We unlock philips radio's: 

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We can only unlock a philips stereo if the following conditions are met:

The stereo has a security code as highlighted in the pictures below,

Note: your stereo may start with a different letter from the examples below i.e d427, h671 etc,

The security code may also say "security before or after the series of letters/digits

please locate this code and proceed through checkout using the add to cart button below,

We will decode your radio and send you the code via email.

It really is that simple!


Your stereo may have a totally different security code like w345 or y824 etc like the image below,

This is ok we can also unlock:


Your Serial Security code, looks like t123 or g123

Where Shall We Send Your Code?


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What cars have philips radio's?

 BMW • Rover • Land Rover • Range Rover • MG • Fiat • Citroen • Peugeot • Renault • Mitsubishi • Honda • Vauxhall / Opel

Just look on the rear of your stereo to see the manufacturer

Our promise:

We promise to supply your code via email, All we ask is that you supply a security code as shown above, If your stereo does not have a security like the ones above we  CAN NOT UNLOCK, sorry